What is Curriculum Vitae and what are differences between CV and Resume

First of all let’s define the answer on the next question: “What is CV and what different between CV and RESUME”?

The most simple definition will sound like this: “CV it’s a very long and detailed resume”. Usually it is recommended to write a resume 1-2 pages by size. On the CV (Curriculum Vitae) such restriction does not extend. In the resume the personal information is not so much (in comparison with CV). Marriage, presence or absence of children, religious preferences – all of this usually for writing a CV. Besides Curriculum Vitae include the list of all your publications, all your awards (compare with resume which has only the most significant for last 10 years) – for this reason at CV usually the biggest size also.

Usually when you searching for job you need to write a resume. It’s enough. But in some countries of Europe, and in the majority of the countries of Asia and Middle East employers will ask CV from you. Curriculum Vitae will be useful to you if you want to find job in academic organizations of the USA or want to receive grant in the USA also.

It’s necessary to remember, that with all similarity of the resume and CV it is not interchangeble. So if the employer asks from you CV it is impossible to send it the resume. And you just should know ! The good CV, of course 🙂

To write a good CV you must to do some steps:

  • to prepare (to recollect and write down) the personal information, data about your working history, education, qualification and so on
  • to choose a format, type and a template
  • to write a rough draft of yours CV
  • to re-write CV so good to strengthen your advantages and to weaken attention to lacks
  • at last (it is final and it is obligatory requirement) you must to write a perfect Cover-Letter.
  • About all these steps I will try to write in detail in the near future – so welcome, come again!
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