Tips for How to Write a Cover Letter

Write a Cover Letter with our Tips and Samples

An important point to note when writing your cover letter is to keep it brief, never writing more than one page.

As with resumes very few people enjoy reading cover letters particularly long winded resumes that smack of disorganization.

Your letter should follow the standard protocol in letter writing, including your name and address, the employers name and address and the date.

Write a cover letter using this example below:


Themba Maseko,
117 Smit St,
Joubert park,
Johannesburg 2000.
(F) 617 247 8459
(W) 617 847 1269
29 March 2017

Mr. Kennedy Chauke,
Human Resources Manager,
Department Of Water Affairs,
257 South Shore Plaza,
Pretoria, 2004

If you have become acquainted with your contact, you may begin your letter with the normal salutation, Dear Kennedy. However if not use the formal salutation beginning your letter with Dear Mr. Kennedy.


Your cover letter should be printed on quality-bonded stationery, preferably the same stationary that you have used in your resume. Use of the same stationery for both your resume and cover letter will demonstrate an image of balance and consistency.

It is vital that you write a cover letter that demonstrates excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. This will ensure that your resume is given due consideration and adequate attention.


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